Seamless sportswear and shapewear

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Seamless sportswear and shapewear

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I don't know about you, but I adore wearing sports bras and leggings, and not just when I'm doing sports (which, let's be honest, isn't very often). As I get older, I find myself drawn to comfort and warmth. It just seems practical to me, especially now that I work from home. That is why I prefer sportswear to jeans. I enjoy the freedom that such clothes provide, as well as their smooth and soft texture.

Waistdear has a lot to offer in that department. There are so many shapes and colors that you just want them all. For someone who practices yoga every day, I always look for something that will keep the girls in place (if you know what I mean). 
What really caught my eye was this seamless yoga bra that comes in a beautiful chocolate brown shade. It's made from nylon and elastane, so it will be super-stretchy and comfy. 

Seamless yoga bra

I also love this maroon yoga set with a seamless bra and leggings. And what I like most is that the leggings have a wider tummy-controlling waistline. 

Ribbed seamless leggings and bra

I always pick this type of leggings because it makes your stomach look slimmer. 
If you want to stock up on wholesale shapewear you can find all you need in one place. I can't count how many times I had to use bodysuits to make me look snatched and perfect.
I feel like this is a piece of garment that everyone needs to have in their closet. 

V-neck bodysuit

With the fall and winter seasons fast approaching, it's a good idea to own a couple of vests that could go underneath your cozy sweaters. I always like to layer up because I'm always cold and this seamless shape vest with tummy control and boob support is so cool. 

If you're into shaping your beautiful body, take a look at the waist trainer black Friday sale 
Waist trainers are a great gadget to have if you want to lose some extra inches here and there. did you know that clothing with a thermogenic effect aids in the body's metabolic rate, making it easier to burn fat? Also, it is common knowledge that waist trainers have construction that improves your posture!
Personally, I would pick a beige body shaper that has adjustable straps. I think you can't go wrong with a beige bodysuit because it can go underneath a white shirt or a dress. It is so versatile!

Do you wear seamless sportswear? What is your favorite type of shapewear? Let me know in the comments :)
Leather bags for Autumn/Winter 2022/2023

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Leather bags for Autumn/Winter 2022/2023

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Handbag trends have a shorter shelf life than those in ready-to-wear, jewelry, and shoes. The key bag trends for 2022-2023 walk a fine line between being immediately relevant and being destined for history.
If you're anything like me, purses serve a purpose other than fashion. Before purchasing anything, I always ask myself if it will complement the majority of my existing wardrobe. Will it stand the test of time? Don't get me wrong: I love keeping up with the latest fashions, but
a purse should be more than just an accessory. Let’s not forget about the hectic lives our handbags have to keep up with. Personally, I always carry a lot of stuff with me.
So, whenever I buy a new bag, I always make sure it’s made of genuine leather. Why?  Because leather is timeless and easily restored, but also more durable than canvas. So if you’re planning on carrying heavy stuff, choose a leather purse over one made of fabric. has a wide selection of leather bags that will not only match current trends but will also serve as a timeless wardrobe staple. 

Leather bucket bags in a variety of shapes and sizes are extremely versatile bags, in my opinion. They can instantly elevate your outfit with their geometrical shapes, while also fitting a lot of things.

I really like the ruffle top handle and the inner bag in this one:

This olive bag with a removable shoulder strap is my personal favorite! It is so chic but at the same time really unique.

This bigger asymmetrical bucket bag also caught my attention. If I had to choose one bag to purchase for this season, it would be this one. Plus, I love the black and brown combo.

Grab a handy leather clutch for an evening outing that can hold your phone, keys, and lip gloss.

This vintage-inspired dark academia-style mini suitcase clutch appeals to me the most. It’s made of cowhide leather and has high-quality metal clasps. 

If you want to be super trendy, choose a slouchy hand clutch like this one:

It gives me the 90s vibes and I remember my mom wearing a bag shaped like that when I was a kid.

This knotted cherry top handle clutch is my absolute favorite because it is so unique! I love its shape and the fact that it has a solid buckle closure. It reminds me of a cherry or an apple, but it’s not as small as a regular clutch bag. Its bulky size makes it easier to fit all your knick-knacks.

Which bag do you prefer? Do you like leather bags? Do you prefer smaller or larger? Please let me know in the comments!

Comfortable and breathable shapewear.

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Comfortable and breathable shapewear.

Are you going to any wedding reception this season? Or maybe you have another important event in your life. 

Whatever party you are going to attend, you are probably thinking of purchasing an amazing evening dress. But what if you are not feeling your best self in dresses because they usually enhance and highlight the imperfections of your body shape?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to starve weeks before the party, you just need to use some clever shapewear which will help your silhouette look smooth and a lot slimmer. Then you can simply enjoy the moments without being too aware of your figure.

The thing with dresses, especially those bodycon ones, is that they can make you look bloated, especially when you eat and drink at a party. We all know that the morning tummy and the evening tummy are not the same tummies, right?

To look better, use the best shapewear you can get which will hide your tummy and make your waist look way slimmer. You can choose from many different colors and shapes. These are my personal choices which I would definitely wear for the big event:

Beige and black are the most versatile colors you can get. The beige one is mainly for the postpartum period. The zipper in the front makes it easier to feed. Plus, beige color will be perfect underneath lighter color dresses. The fabric is soft and stretchy. The straps are adjustable, so I think it is just perfect.

The other one is black with some nice lace details. This would be ideal underneath a little black dress. It is my personal favorite because I would feel sexy in my outfit.

If you don’t want to wear a bodysuit or if it’s simply too much for you, you can always choose butt lifter shorts. These will make your butt look juicy and lifted, and your tummy will seem flatter. I really love the waist area in this particular pair of shorts because it has a silicone waist band, which means they won’t roll down constantly and will hold your tummy in place. Some waist bands are bulky and instead of making you look slimmer, they just add unwanted inches to your waistline and you look like you ate a cow. This pair is very smooth and flat, so I will definitely recommend this style of shorts.

Do you wear shapewear? How often do you do that? What are your favorite types of shaping underwear? Let me know in the comments below.

Fashion trends for summer 2022 - what and where to buy.

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Fashion trends for summer 2022 - what and where to buy.


Are you ready for the summer 2022?

With summer fast approaching it’s about time to rethink your closet and get rid of things you don’t wear. I always do that when the season is changing. This will save you space in your wardrobe for new and trendy clothes you will feel your best in.

If you are someone like me and like to experiment with your clothes, or you are on the search for your perfect unique style, then it’s a good idea to turn to wholesale boutique clothing. This way, you can pick and choose from a variety of clothing, mix and match the pieces you like to finally achieve the perfect look without breaking a bank.

Looking at this season’s trends we will still have the ongoing oversize silhouette vibe which I think is very comfortable and perfect for the summer heat.

I have also noticed balloon sleeves and puffed sleeves which I personally consider to be very cute and feminine. As a 90s kid, I look at the trends with major nostalgia: cutout tops, low-rise trousers and jeans, tiny sunglasses. These are all fashion pieces I remember from my childhood.

To be honest, being in my mid thirties I don’t quite understand this cutout galore obsession, therefore I try to pick up individual trends that suit me and my body shape. And I think that this is the best tip anyone could ever give you: don’t jump into buying up the stores to get all the trendy pieces. You don’t need all of them, just choose the ones you feel will scream you. That is why, wholesale women's clothing is a great option, because stores like that offer budget prices for trendy clothes, and a great selection of products - all in one place.

What I would definitely wear is feminine, delicate dresses made of breathable fabric such as this one:

 I really like the length of this dress and I am absolutely obsessed with tie- waist dresses. I think they are so comfortable and so versatile.

I also love the French-country style blouse trend with some delicate embroidery details or kimono-style sleeves. This one is very interesting and I like the fact that it’s oversized.

 Also, remember to introduce a pop of color into your wardrobe. Orange, red or pink would be the best option because these colors remind me of summer the most. I absolutely adore the combination of a vibrant color with simple white or beige pants. This blouse would also look great with denim shorts. Make sure you paint your toenails the same color as your top – this way you’ll achieve a coherent and very chic look. 

 Since we’re talking about the details, I have always thought that accessorizing is so important. It’s a great idea to get a few fashionable pieces for this summer such as a straw raffia basket-type bag, a large hat or some cool platform sandals which are again very in right now.

These are all my tips for this season’s fashion trends. What pieces are you planning to get for yourself? Are you going to wear last year’s clothes, or are you on the hunt for some new trendy ones? Let me know in the comments below. I’m excited to read about your fashion choices.

Świeży i lekki makijaż wiosenny z marką | Fresh spring make-up look

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Świeży i lekki makijaż wiosenny z marką | Fresh spring make-up look



Nastała wiosna, a wraz z nią chcemy wyglądać lekko i świeżo i pragniemy, aby nasza skóra była rozświetlona i rozpromieniona. Taki efekt uzyskamy, nie tylko dzięki właściwie dobranej pielęgnacji, ale również dzięki makijażowym trikom, które możemy wprowadzić w nasz codzienny makijaż.

Jesteś ciekawa moich propozycji? Czytaj dalej :)




Spring has come and with its arrival we wish to look fresh and glowy. We want our skin to look and feel dewy and hydrated. We'll achieve this effect thanks to well-adjusted skincare and some make-up tricks which we can introduce into our daily routine.

So if you're interested in my tips and tricks, keep on reading :)


Marka jest Wam pewnie bardzo dobrze znana. W tej perfumerii znaleźć możecie wiele perełek do pielęgnacji, jak i makijażu. has a lot of great products for skincare, as well as make-up.


Aby przywrócić naturalny blask skórze, wybierz dobre serum z witaminą C, jak np. to serum Iossi Serum rozświetlające Dzika Róża, które ma działanie rozjaśniające i jest odpowiednie dla każdego rodzaju skóry. Serum ujednolica koloryt skóry i rozjaśnia plamki i przebarwienia. Poprawia również elastyczność skóry i zmniejsza widoczność porów. Serum z witaminą C to mój kosmetyk numer jeden od wielu lat :)

To restore your skin's glow choose a vitamin C serum, such as this one from Iossi Rosehip brightening serum, which has brightening properties and suits any skin type. This type of serum evens out your skin tone, reduces dark spots and discoloration, and boosts your skin elasticity. Also, it reduces your pores, so your skin looks much healthier. A vitamin C serum has been my number one beauty product for many years.

Warto zadbać o nawilżenie skóry. Po zimie twoja cera może być przesuszona i podrażniona. Całym sercem polecam D'Alchemy Super Rich Multi Hydrator krem do twarzy, który ma doskonały skład i ma działanie głęboko nawilżające i odżywiające.

It's worth taking care of your skin hydration as well. After winter your skin tends to be dry and irritated. I highly recommend this face cream from D'Alchemy Super Rich Multi Hydrator which has many excellent ingredients and deeply hydrates and rejuvenates the skin.




Wiosną i latem warto zamienić podkład na lekki krem BB lub CC. Takie produkty jak Clinique Superdefense krem CC nawilżają, wygładzają i ujednolicają koloryt skóry. 

Jeśli jednak jesteś fanką podkładów, gorąco polecam Ci podkład Giorgio Armani Luminous Skin, którego recenzje znajdziesz na moim blogu w najczęściej odwiedzanych wpisach. Polecam go głownie ze względu na niesamowity efekt jedwabistego rozświetlenia przy zachowaniu świetnej trwałości. Wybór odcieni jest tak duży, że na pewno znajdziesz coś dla siebie.

In spring and summer it's good to switch from a foundation to lighter BB or CC creams. Such products as this one from Clinique Superdefense CC Cream moisturizes, smooths and evens out your skin tone. 

If you're a die-hard foundation fan I cannot rave enough about the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation, the review of which you can find in the most popular posts on my blog. I recommend it because of a unique silky texture and glowyness it leaves on your skin, but at the same time it is very durable and last all day long. There is a wide range of shades to choose from which is also a big plus.


Jeśli nie lubisz nosić ani podkładów, ani kremów BB, a nie masz wiele do zakrycia może zainteresuje Cię mój sposób na szybki i bardzo naturalny makijaż techniką "pinpoint concealing". Do tej techniki idealnie sprawdzą się kremowe korektory np. korektor Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Concealer. Na czym polega ta technika? Dobierasz korektor idealny do swojej cery i nakładasz go tylko w te miejsca gdzie posiadasz przebarwienia i niedoskonałości. Następnie rozcierasz granice korektora, najlepiej palcem. Dobranie własciwego odcienia do swojej skóry jest kluczowe, w przeciwnym razie korektor będzie widoczny i zamiast zniwelować niedoskonałości, tylko zwrócisz na nie większą uwagę.

If you don't like wearing foundations or BB creams at all, and you don't have a lot of blemishes, you will perhaps be interested in my fast and easy way of doing make-up. Namely, I use the pinpoint concealing technique. For this type of make-up you use a creamy concealer such as Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion  Ultra-Longwear Concealer. What is this technique about? Well, you choose a concealer that matches your skin tone perfectly and spot-conceal your face. Then you diffuse the concealer with your finger so that there are no hard edges. Choosing a right match for your skin tone is key. Otherwise, you'll just draw attention to your imperfections instead of concealing them.

Kolejnym trikiem jest użycie kremowych produktów do konturowania. Mimo tego, że mam cerę mieszaną w kierunku przetłuszczającej się, lubię używać kremowych róży, bronzerów czy rozświetlaczy. Kremowe kosmetyki lepiej wtapiają się w skóre, dzięki czemu uzyskujemy bardziej naturalny efekt.

Sklep ma w ofercie markę Nudestix z całą gamą wielofunkcyjnych kosmetyków w kremie. 

Another tip is to use cream contour products. Although my skin type is combination to oily, I tend to gravitate towards cream products because I feel that they melt into my skin better creating a more natural look.

At you can find multi-functional cream products such as blushes or bronzers from Nudestix.

A oto moje propozycje lekkiego wiosennego makijażu. Która podoba Wam się najlepiej? Znacie przedstawione przeze mnie kosmetyki? A może któryś wpadł Wam w oko? Dajcie znać w komentarzach!

And here are my fresh spring make-up look ideas. Which one do you like best? Do you know any of these beauty products mentioned? Or maybe something caught your eye and you would like to try it? Let me know in the comments below!

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Trwałe zamienniki perfum - prezent na Dzień Kobiet | Fragrance review

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Trwałe zamienniki perfum - prezent na Dzień Kobiet | Fragrance review



Ostatnio miałam okazję testować lane perfumy ze strony Faktoria perfum. Jest to sklep, gdzie możecie kupić zamienniki znanych zapachów w bardzo atrakcyjnych cenach. Perfumy są dostępne w 3 pojemnościach: 35ml, 55ml i 105ml.

Jesteście ciekawi mojej opinii? Zapraszam do czytania dalej.


I've recently been testing out a few fragrances from the website Faktoria perfum. It's an online store where you can buy dupes for well-known perfume for good price. The fragrances are available in 3 sizes: 35ml, 55ml and 105ml.

If you're interested in my opinion on them, keep on reading.

Przetestowałam 5 zapachów | I've tested 5 fragrances:

104 - zamiennik/dupe for Thierry Mugler Alien

284 - zamiennik/dupe for Hugo Boss The Scent

286 - zamiennik/dupe for Marc Jacobs Decadence

289 - zamiennik/dupe for Armani Because It's you

352 - zamiennik/dupe for Chanel Bleu Man

Ostatni zapach jest przeznaczony dla mężczyzn i wybrałam do dla Narzeczonego.



Wszystkie zapachy bardzo mi się podobają. Są dosyć trwałe - utrzymują się do kilku godzin na skórze i bardzo długo na włosach oraz na ubraniach (na nich zapach czuć przez kilka dni). 

Mam porównanie z zapachem Mugler Alien, który znam bardzo dobrze i muszę przyznać, że te zapachy są niemal identyczne. Bardzo spodobał mi się zapach 286, bo jest nietuzinkowy. Z męskiego zamiennika Chanel Bleu mój Narzeczony jest bardzo zadowolony, ja również lubię czuć ten zapach na Nim. 


Myślę, że ogromną zaletą perfum z jest możliwość wyboru pojemności oraz ceny  - najmniejszą pojemność możemy dostać już za ok. 20 zł. Jest to fajna opcja, jeśli chcemy przetestować dany zapach przed zakupem większej pojemności, lub po prostu chcemy sprawdzić jak nosi się dany zamiennik zanim kupimy droższy odpowienik znanej marki. Dla mnie to też idealne perfumy do torebki i na prezent. Fajnie mieć tańszy odpowiednik swojego ulubionego zapachu, kiedy chcemy psiknąć się w ciągu dnia.

Polecam przyjrzeć się marce i przetestować jakieś zapachy dla siebie. Ja jestem zadowolona ze wszystkich wybranych zapachów i na pewno będę korzystać z możliwości zakupu tańszych zamienników ulubionych zapachów :)


I'm liking all the fragrances I've tested. They are pretty long-lasting - they stay on the skin for a few hours and longer in my hair and clothes (on clothes I can smell them for a few days). 

I can compare the Thierry Mugler Alien with its dupe, since I know this particular scent really well, and I can say that they are pretty similar. I really liked the scent no. 286 because it's so unique. My fiance is really happy with his pick. Chanel Bleu smells amazing on him.

The biggest advantage of the store is the fact you can choose between three sizes and the smallest size you can buy for around 20 PLN. I think it's a great option when you want to just try out the scent and see if it's similar to the original dupe. For me, it's ideal for my purse, for spritzing myself with it throughout the day when I'm in a hurry. 

I highly recommend to check out this brand and choose a scent for yourself. I am really pleased with the scents I've chosen and will definitely use the opportunity to buy cheaper dupes for brand-name fragrances.

Znacie stronę Mieliście okazję testować ich perfumy? A może macie swoje ulubione zapachy? Chętnie poczytam o tym w komentarzach :)

Do you use dupes for expensive fragrances? Have you got any favorite scents? I'll be happy to read about it all in the comments :)

Pielęgnacja zimowa z marką TOUN | Winter skincare

12:29 PM

Pielęgnacja zimowa z marką TOUN | Winter skincare



Ostatnio miałam okazję testować kosmetyki koreańskiej marki  TOUN28 dostępnej w drogerii internetowej LaRose.




I've recently been testing out some products from the Korean brand TOUN28 which are available at LaRose.

W paczce otrzymałam | The products I received in my package:

  • krem do rąk Organic Centella water 63,8% H2 Hand Cream
  • balsam do ciała Elastic Body Cream
  • tonik do twarzy Ph Balancing Toner
  • mydło do twarzy Pore Management Solid Face Wash for Oily Skin
  • uchwyt do mydła w kostce Magnetic Soap Holder (którego ostatecznie nie użyłam/which I haven't used)
  • oraz dwie maseczki innych marek: płatki żelowe pod oczy z Jayjun Cosmetics gel eye patch oraz maskę w płachcie Yadah sheet mask (o której wspominałam już w tym wpisie, which I talked about in this post)


Oba kremy bardzo przypadły mi do gustu. Zarówno balsam, jak i krem do rąk są bardzo lekkie w konsystencji, mają przyjemne zapachy i co najważniejsze, bardzo szybko się wchłaniają i pozostawiają skórę nawilżoną i miękką. Jedynym minusem jest pojemność - tylko 45ml.

I really liked both of these products. They both got very light consistency and nice scents, but what's most important they absorb into my skin very quickly and leave my skin soft and hydrated. The only downside is that they have only 45 ml which is not a lot.


Ten tonik spodobał mi się najbardziej ze wszystkich kosmetyków marki TOUN28. Ten produkt ma wyrównywać ph skóry i nawilżać ją. W składzie ma ekstrakt z hibiskusa, który ma przeciwutleniacze chroniące skórę przed szkodliwymi czynnikami zewnętrznymi, takimi jak zanieczyszczenia, czy promienie UV. Ponadto ma działanie antyseptyczne i przeciwzapalne. W toniku znajdziemy również kwas hialuronowy, który jak wiadomo jest substancją wypełniającą zmarszczki i poprawiającą elastyczność skóry. Używam tego kosmetyku codziennie rano i wieczorem od razu po umyciu skóry i dzięki niemu od razu czuję zastrzyk nawilżenia. Moja skóra nie jest ściągnięta i kolejne kosmetyki lepiej się wchłaniają. Wylewając produkt na dłonie i aplikując na skórę od razu czujemy, że nie jest to zwykły tonik. Powiedziałabym, że konsystencja zbliżona jest do serum lub esencji. Gorąco polecam wypróbować ten kosmetyk!

This face toner is awesome and out of all the TOUN28 products I liked it best. This toner is supposed to balance our pH and give a boost of hydration. In the ingredients list there is a hibiscus extract which is a natural antioxidant and it protects the skin from harmful pollution and UV rays. It also has antiseptic and anti flammatory properties. There is also hyaluronic acid which, as we all know, is a wrinkle filler and boosts skin elasticity. I use it every morning and evening right after washing my face and I feel my skin is hydrated right away. It isn't tight and the products I use afterwards absorb better. As you pour the product onto your hand you feel that it isn't a typical toner. The consistency reminds me of an essence or a serum. I highly recommend trying out this product!


To mydełko do twarzy sprawdziło mi się bardzo dobrze. Jest przeznaczone do tłustej skóry ze skłonnością do trądziku. Zawiera drobinki peelingujące. Mydło jest bardzo kremowe, wspaniale oczyszcza skórę i niweluje niedoskonałości. Ma specyficzny zapach, który nie każdemu może się spodobać, ale mi osobiście nie przeszkadzał. 

This facial soap worked really well for me. It is meant for oily and acne skin. It also has tiny peeling granules. The soap is very creamy and does a terrific job at cleansing the skin and minimizing breakouts. It has a distinct smell and some of you may not like it, but I personally didn't have an issue with it. 


Maskę w płachcie YADAH miałam już okazję testować, natomiast płatki żelowe Yayjun testowałam po raz pierwszy. Obie maski mogę polecić z czystym sumieniem. Maska w płachcie jest niesamowicie kojąca i relaksująca. Doskonale nawilża! Płatki żelowe chłodzą i niwelują opuchliznę, łagodzą zmęczone oczy. Nie mam problemów z cieniami pod oczami, więc nie jestem w stanie ocenić, czy te płatki wpływają na ich zmniejszenie. Myślę, że warto przetestować obie maski:)

The sheet mask pack from YADAH I already tried out before, but the gel patch from Yayjun I tested for the first time. Both masks can be recommended. The first one is very soothing and moisturizing, it leaves the skin nice and hydrated. The gel patches definitely minimize the puffiness and soothe tired eye area. I don't have problem with dark circles, so I cannot tell you if they get rid of it. However, I can recommend you to test both masks out :)

Który z produktów marki TOUN28 chciałybyście przetestować? A może znacie już tę markę i możecie coś polecić? Dajcie znać w komentarzach :)

Na stronie LaRose możecie kupić produkty marki z 10% rabatem po wpisaniu kodu OLA10 :)

Which product from TOUN28 would you like to try? Or perhaps you already know the brand and could recommend something to me? Let me know in the comments below :)

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