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Velbon Sherpa has arrived!

I didn't expect to have it delivered today since I ordered it on Saturday but yeah, it's here so I can tell something more about it. I've already tried it and I can say that I really like it.

It came in a long box and it turned out that it has a case, of which I wasn't sure because there was no information about it in the store. The case seems solid and waterproof, so that's a good thing:)

It's maximum length is 169 cm and it weighs nearly 2 k. It can carry 4 k maximum.

First of all, the tripod has bubble leveler (the green stuff in the photos) so you know exactly whether you have set your camera streight. You can of course set it vertically or horizontally, all you have to do is to turn the ball locking level.

The photo above shows a clamp binder and a knob thanks to which you can adjust the tripod to hand on a table or any flat object.

Zdjęcie powyżej pokazuje zacisk i pokrętło, dzięki którym można przymocować statyw do stołu lub innego płaskiego przedmiotu.

On the plate (the part which you can set vertically and horizontally) there's a screw to which you adjust your stuff. I tried and it holds the camera perfectly.

The legs can be adjusted to the length you are satisfied with and there are special locks to tighten the level. The ends of the legs are made of slip-resistant material so you can be sure the tripod stands firmly on the ground.

That's it for now. I think I've made the right choice but time will tell if it was a good buy. My first impression is possitive and I can't wait to try it outdoors soon.

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