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Bodysuits and shapewear Feelingirls.com


Lately I've been looking for some nice underwear for my little black dresses. I don't go out very often, as probably most of you nowadays, but whenever I feel like dressing up a little bit and sprucing up my outfit, I find a shaping bodysuit indispensable.

Today I'm going to present an online store that offers a wide range of bodysuits and shapewear for every woman. 

I myself don't wear these kinds of garments very often, but when I want to wear a dress which flatters my silhouette, it is better to put on some shaping underwear underneath. That way, when you are wearing a tighter or see-through dress everything looks really sleek and seamless. Plus, if you are planning to eat a lot in the evening, this underwear will cleverly hide your tummy.

Feelingirls.com assortment has any type of plus size shapewear bodysuit bras and hosiery you can possibly imagine.

Now I will show you my picks from Feelingirls.com. I imagine myself wearing these, especially the first one is right up my alley.

This one looks very elegant and sultry, ideal for a little black dress

Beige bodysuit will be perfect with a white or nude dress.

Elastic tummy shaping bodysuit

Also, there is something for those of you who like to work out. Thanks to this double belt waist trainer, you'll achieve a smooth silhouette because it sculpts your body and keeps your posture straight while you're working out. I wonder if and how this works. Have you used such a thing before? If so, let me know in the comments section :)

Speaking of a workout, I've noticed the website also has some pretty nice basics, which can be used both as an outfit to exercise in, or as shaping underwear.

I found this suit very versatile and I think everyone will need one. I would definitely use it for my yoga workout.

With some great Black Friday online deals at FeelinGirl you can stock up for fall/winter season.

Let me know in the comments below, which piece you like best. And have you used shaping underwear before? I'm looking forward to reading all of your comments.


  1. prezentują się fajnie, jak wszystko na modelkach :D

  2. Bardzo zachęcająca kolekcja bielizny, chętnie sprawdzę ofertę sklepu

  3. Wow piekna bielizna, jestem ciekawa efektow na moim niedoskonalym ciele ;D

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  5. This looks so fantastic! Thank you for sharing!


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