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Comfortable and breathable shapewear.

Are you going to any wedding reception this season? Or maybe you have another important event in your life. 

Whatever party you are going to attend, you are probably thinking of purchasing an amazing evening dress. But what if you are not feeling your best self in dresses because they usually enhance and highlight the imperfections of your body shape?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to starve weeks before the party, you just need to use some clever shapewear which will help your silhouette look smooth and a lot slimmer. Then you can simply enjoy the moments without being too aware of your figure.

The thing with dresses, especially those bodycon ones, is that they can make you look bloated, especially when you eat and drink at a party. We all know that the morning tummy and the evening tummy are not the same tummies, right?

To look better, use the best shapewear you can get which will hide your tummy and make your waist look way slimmer. You can choose from many different colors and shapes. These are my personal choices which I would definitely wear for the big event:

Beige and black are the most versatile colors you can get. The beige one is mainly for the postpartum period. The zipper in the front makes it easier to feed. Plus, beige color will be perfect underneath lighter color dresses. The fabric is soft and stretchy. The straps are adjustable, so I think it is just perfect.

The other one is black with some nice lace details. This would be ideal underneath a little black dress. It is my personal favorite because I would feel sexy in my outfit.

If you don’t want to wear a bodysuit or if it’s simply too much for you, you can always choose butt lifter shorts. These will make your butt look juicy and lifted, and your tummy will seem flatter. I really love the waist area in this particular pair of shorts because it has a silicone waist band, which means they won’t roll down constantly and will hold your tummy in place. Some waist bands are bulky and instead of making you look slimmer, they just add unwanted inches to your waistline and you look like you ate a cow. This pair is very smooth and flat, so I will definitely recommend this style of shorts.

Do you wear shapewear? How often do you do that? What are your favorite types of shaping underwear? Let me know in the comments below.

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