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Leather bags for Autumn/Winter 2022/2023

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Handbag trends have a shorter shelf life than those in ready-to-wear, jewelry, and shoes. The key bag trends for 2022-2023 walk a fine line between being immediately relevant and being destined for history.
If you're anything like me, purses serve a purpose other than fashion. Before purchasing anything, I always ask myself if it will complement the majority of my existing wardrobe. Will it stand the test of time? Don't get me wrong: I love keeping up with the latest fashions, but
a purse should be more than just an accessory. Let’s not forget about the hectic lives our handbags have to keep up with. Personally, I always carry a lot of stuff with me.
So, whenever I buy a new bag, I always make sure it’s made of genuine leather. Why?  Because leather is timeless and easily restored, but also more durable than canvas. So if you’re planning on carrying heavy stuff, choose a leather purse over one made of fabric. 

Romytisa.com has a wide selection of leather bags that will not only match current trends but will also serve as a timeless wardrobe staple. 

Leather bucket bags in a variety of shapes and sizes are extremely versatile bags, in my opinion. They can instantly elevate your outfit with their geometrical shapes, while also fitting a lot of things.

I really like the ruffle top handle and the inner bag in this one:

This olive bag with a removable shoulder strap is my personal favorite! It is so chic but at the same time really unique.

This bigger asymmetrical bucket bag also caught my attention. If I had to choose one bag to purchase for this season, it would be this one. Plus, I love the black and brown combo.

Grab a handy leather clutch for an evening outing that can hold your phone, keys, and lip gloss.

This vintage-inspired dark academia-style mini suitcase clutch appeals to me the most. It’s made of cowhide leather and has high-quality metal clasps. 

If you want to be super trendy, choose a slouchy hand clutch like this one:

It gives me the 90s vibes and I remember my mom wearing a bag shaped like that when I was a kid.

This knotted cherry top handle clutch is my absolute favorite because it is so unique! I love its shape and the fact that it has a solid buckle closure. It reminds me of a cherry or an apple, but it’s not as small as a regular clutch bag. Its bulky size makes it easier to fit all your knick-knacks.

Which bag do you prefer? Do you like leather bags? Do you prefer smaller or larger? Please let me know in the comments!


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